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Latest from the Art Blog

Impressionism Friday: Get to know Degas

Today on Impressionism Friday we’re going to meet versatile painter Edgar Degas, who dabbled in Impressionism and Realism to create his masterful series of dancers to race horses, portraits and beyond. I’ve always been taken with Degas breadth of talent as an artist. Though he is considered a founding member of Impressionism, participating in several…

Renaissance Wednesday: Michelangelo’s Last Judgment – Sistine Chapel

Today on Renaissance Wednesday we’re going to continue our tour of The Sistine Chapel focusing on Michelangelo’s masterpiece ‘The Last Judgment.’ The Last Judgment is one of the most popular themes in Christian art and often found in churches, usually at the church entrance as a reminder of the need for penance and faith before…

Impressionism Friday: Giuseppe De Nittis

Today on Impressionism Friday we are going to meet one of Italy’s greatest Impressionists Giuseppe De Nittis. I was unfamilar with DeNittis work until I discovered him at a special exhibit at The Phillip’s Collection in Washington DC The Phillip’s Collection was the first modern art museum in America and is tucked away in the…

Renaissance Wednesday: Sistine Chapel

In our last Renaissance Art Expedition we got to know the genius of Michelangelo. Today we’re going to survey one of Michelangelo’s most important works – The Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo’s depiction of God’s creation of Adam is so imbued in our artistic culture that when you think of the creation this image of God reaching…

Medieval Monday: Saint Denis

Last time on Medieval Monday we were introduced to the Gothic Style of architecture. Today we’re traveling to Paris to visit one of the most historic churches in the city – and one that is often overlooked by tourists…Saint Denis. To be fair, Paris is filled with beautiful churches from Notre Dame (which is being…